Vishal Mistry

Field Coordinator


  • Crocodile Conservation
  • Wolf Conservation
  • Crop Raiding
  • Vulture Conservation
  • Arachnids
  • Snakebite Mitigation

Vishal Mistry, works with VNC as field coordinator for various research and conservation programme at VNC. He spent rescuing snakes and crocodiles. As he grew up and so his admiration for and understanding about wildlife, and he started working towards creating awareness among villagers. He has a genuine love for the crocodiles and is dedicated to making sure that these species are protected. He has been part of projects on crocodiles, wolf, wild ass, vulture, sarus crane, odonates and butterflies.

Vishal’s field skills are exceptional, and has provided his service to various organisation such as Anand Agricultural University, Bombay Natural History Society, Wildlife Institute of India, Jivadaya Charitable Trust, Society for Action &Research, and RSPB.

Vishal is also a certified environment educator.

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