Dr. Raju Vyas

Distinguished Scientist


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Raju Vyas is now retired after 30+ years of service as a Zoo Inspector, at the Sayaji Baug Zoo, Vadodara, India. Prior to this, in the early eighties, he worked as Assistant Curator with the private zoo of H. H. Jamsaheb of Nawanagar and The Peter Scott Trust, Jamanagar. Dr. Raju Vyas earned his PhD on systematics of snake from Bhavnagar University in 1995.

Since then he has been actively conducted research on various fields of herpetology from systematics, ecology to conservation. Based in Vadodara, his long-term research has focused on monitoring mugger crocodiles and their habitat as well as issues of human-crocodile conflicts for more than 25 years. He has authored over 150 scientific publication, and is widely recognized for his contributions to the herpetology in India.

Dr. Vyas is the Regional Vice Chair of the IUCN/SSC Crocodile Specialist Group (South Asia and Iran), and also a member of IUCN/SSC’s South Asian Amphibian and Reptile Specialist Group, Conservation Breeding Specialist Group and Reintroduction Specialist Group.

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