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Nature Education Camp

Setting camps in the pristine, serene and tranquil nature sites brings people closer to the nature. This activity is not only for de-stressing but one can also expect interesting scientific expeditions. Today, the students are much hampered by their lack of experience with Nature. However, teaching environment in classrooms has its own limitations. We believe that learning through one’s own experience through outdoor-based activities certainly enhance the quality of environmental education. VNC breaches conventional classroom teaching with this program, developed in colloboration with ANALA Outdoors Pvt Ltd., and offer ineffable experiences that become a continuous process of learning.

These nature camps are aimed to introduce the schoolchildren, especially from the urban region, to nature, its elements and the inter-relationships, and creating awareness and understanding of nature and empathy in children for the environment. VNC’s nature camps are activity-filled, enriching, and team building, and are set in pristine, serene and tranquil nature sites. Unplugged from electronics and plugged into nature, the children plunge into the lap of mother nature through different fun-filled activities, conquer their unfounded fears and awaken an experience-based spirit of exploration and adventure, as well as indulge in hobbies like birdwatching, photography, trekking, hiking, star gazing. These experiences are what builds character, forge identity and friendships, provide challenges, and allow a child to become the little explorers and adventurers. The ‘Nature experience’ for children has huge potential to trigger their sensitivity towards nature appreciation and conservation, leading to positive environmental actions at different levels.

Project Duration: Ongoing

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Mon – Sat: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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