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Prioritizing Indian Wolf occupied areas in Kutch

Arid landscapes of Kutch in Gujarat have been seen as the potential regions that could offer long-term survival to wolves. However, the recent surge in development in this region has led to rapid changes in traditional land-use pattern, which is likely to affect the persistence of wolves in this landscape. Studies carried out on wolves in India have not adequately explored how this species responds to different landscape and anthropogenic changes in a multi-scale perspective. This project combined various techniques and methods, ranging from field surveys and public interviews to GIS tools for modeling the co-variates that describe habitat suitability for wolves in Kutch. Presence of, a high percentage of vegetation/forest cover and availability of preferred prey were positive influences. The ultimate aim is to identify critical wolf areas, formalize management strategies and assist in formulating a landscape-level wolf conservation strategy for Kutch and similar habitats elsewhere in India.

Project Duration: May 2015- June 2018

Funding Agency: Rufford Small Grant Program

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