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Mitigating Human-Crocodile Conflicts in Gujarat

The project aims at understanding the Human-Crocodile Conflicts, human tolerance and response towards crocodiles in Gujarat and the role of socio-cultural attributes.

Human-Crocodile Conflicts in Gujarat still is a challenge. Mugger attacks have increased drastically in the last few years in Gujarat, thus intensifying the conflict and increasing negative attitudes among the local residents. Unifocal and ineffective treatment of the conflict is unable to manage the conflict properly. This project attempts to understand the drivers of crocodile attack in a multivariate framework, as well as provide training and guidelines for its management. We, through a multi-approach strategy, aim to reduce this conflict through identifying conflict hotspots, modelling mugger habitat suitability, understanding attitudes of the local people, providing training to the personnel’s involved in conflict mitigation and preparing a guideline for monitoring and conflict mitigation. This project will significantly contribute to resolving the conflict largely.

Project Duration- 2016-Ongoing

Funding Agency: Rufford Small Grant Program, Gujarat Forest Department

101, Radha Darshan, B/H Union Bank of India, Vallabh Vidyanagar – 388120

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