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Digital Tree Mapping

Urban trees, in general, are of value to, recreation, aesthetic, pollution control, calm environment, biodiversity and promote a general sense of wellbeing. A lack of proper protection and monitoring system leads to illegal cutting of trees by both the authorities and common people, who do not appreciate the trees. Tree inventories, i.e., tree registers are a common approach for managing urban tree populations. 

VNC used an innovative approach that used geospatial tools for mapping characteristics of urban trees and updates and prepares tree inventory of Vallabh Vidyanagar. Vallabh Vidyanagar boasts a high number of trees, carefully chosen and planted by the founders of this educational town. The inventory consists of roughly 4500 street trees of nearly 75 species. An up-to-date register offers an efficient tool in allocating maintenance operations (watering, pruning, etc.) as well as in considering trees, for example, when the urban infrastructure is maintained. VNC started digitalizing the roadside tree of Vidyanagar town in 2015. With time, the research team of VNC also carried out tree mapping of Amul Dairy Road, Home Science College, and Vrajbhoomi School. 

Project Duration: 2015- Ongoing 
Funding Agency: Self-Funded

101, Radha Darshan, B/H Union Bank of India, Vallabh Vidyanagar – 388120

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Mon – Sat: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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