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Conservation of mugger crocodile in Charotar Region

Charotar region in Gujarat holds one of the significant and healthy population of mugger crocodiles (Crocodylus palustris) and can provide long-term survival to the species. The muggers of Charotar region survive in the man-made wetlands (communal water bodies) within the rural agricultural dominated region, establishing an ideal example of man-animal co-existence. It is fortunate enough for muggers in Charotar, that when most of the wild creatures are becoming victim of humans, it is somewhat safe from human is evil intentions. VNC has been working to conserve the species in the Charotar through regular population monitoring, habitat assessment, understanding human-crocodile relations and creating awareness about the species in schools and community.

Project Duration- 2013-Ongoing 

Funding Agency: Rufford Small Grant Program, Idea Wild

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