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Children Crocodile Festival

VNC has been working for the conservation of mugger crocodiles through research, awareness and community engagement for the past decade. We firmly believe that there can be no conservation without the involvement of the community and through working directly with them. When it comes to educating kids, one of the most effective ways to teach conservation measures is not to preach, but to actively teach them about nature and the importance of wildlife conservation through fun activities. Therefore, VNC adopted a fun approach to wildlife education and developed a programs called as Children Crocodile Festival. It is a whole day festival to create awareness and educate the children through games, and various other competitions like drawing competition and elocution competition. These games are aimed to encourage the local community living alongside crocodiles in this region to celebrate the harmony they share with crocodiles. The day is filled with specifically designed games like ‘Crocs & Ladders’, ‘Crocs Eggs; ‘Crocodile Walk’, ‘Crocs, Burrow and Earthquake’; as well as elocution and art competitions and theatre. All the games and competitions are specially designed to incorporate difference aspects of crocodile conservation, crocodile biology and reducing negative interaction between human and crocodile, to encourage the children to become future custodians of the crocodile conservation.

Project Duration: 2019- Ongoing 
Funding Agency: Self-Funded

101, Radha Darshan, B/H Union Bank of India, Vallabh Vidyanagar – 388120

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