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Charotar Crocodile Count

Engaging people in crocodile conservation through Citizen Science

VNC’s Charotar Crocodile Count born in 2013 is a yearly event, designed to bring together a diverse set of participants from different niche of life to understand the importance of muggers and wetland in the present day conservation scenario. More than 600 individuals have participated in this program from nearly 19 states of India. This voluntary based initiative while helping us to gain a better understanding of crocodile’s status and distribution across the Charotar region and providing participants an opportunity to meet people who live alongside crocodiles, aims at inculcating a holistic understanding of the subject amongst the participants, who can then become the ambassador of conservation in their respective regions. This program is first of its kind in Gujarat and it has generated a very useful population data over the years (2013-ongoing), which is being used by wildlife managers, researchers and conservations organisations alike. The count provides an ideal opportunity to understand the significance of biodiversity and how villagers harmoniously coexist with muggers. It also helps participants understand the intimate relationship local communities share with ecosystem and understand how muggers indirectly manage ecosystem by functioning as keystone species.

Project Duration: 2013-ongoing 
Funding Agency: Self-Funded

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Mon – Sat: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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