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I have a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology (2012) and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science (2014) from at Veer Narmada South Gujarat University (Surat).

During my undergraduate days, I used to volunteer with Nature Club Surat, and assist in animal rescue & rehabilitation, vulture conservation project and deer breeding project. I also did an internship with Center for Environment Education where my work involved providing environmental education in nearly 80 schools of Surat district and 21 schools of Dangs district.

In-between my masters course, I volunteered with different research projects. I spent a month with Wildlife Research & Conservation society (WRCS) for surveying the Critically Endangered Forest Owlet (Heteroglaux blewitti) in the Khandava District Madhya Pradesh. Then I spent some time with National Center for Biological Science (NCBS), collecting data on carnivores and omnivores presence/occupancy through sign surveys and collected scats for genetic analysis. My master’s dissertation (2014) involved assessing how the water health quality affects the Odonata abundance and diversity in the urban landscape of Surat.

After finishing my M.Sc. I worked as wildlife biologist (May-July 2014) with Wild India, A Ranchi based NGO, where my work involved capacity building of forest staff, tiger monitoring using camera trapping and sign survey as well as estimating tiger prey density through transect surveys in Palamua Tiger Reserve, Jharkhand. Following this, I worked as research assistant in VNC’s project “Prioritizing areas for conservation of Indian wolf in human dominated arid region of Kutch, Gujarat, India” where I was assigned to assess wolf occupancy through sign surveys and interview survey, prey estimation, and identifying threats in potential wolf areas. Later on, along with Anirudh Vasava, I developed and coordinated a project for surveying forest owlet population in south Gujarat region.

Currently I am a Ph.D. scholar with Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF), where I am exploring a subject for my Doctoral research.

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