Environmental Education

Programs & Activities


Breaching the conventional method of teaching in classroom with virtual environment, this program puts actual environmental study on the right ground. The nature study conceived here is not so much about the learning of names and classification but giving an inexplicable experience of nature that would become a continuous process of learning.

Environment Education In Government Schools

Environment education gets lowest priority in many schools and scarcity of competent educators in public schools results in no special emphasis on environmental education. VNC with support from Gujarat State Forest Dept has taken up task of educating children in public schools of Anand and Kheda district.

Nature Education Camp

Setting camps in the pristine, serene and tranquil nature sites brings people closer to the nature. This activity is not only for de-stressing but small scientific expedition are also carried out.

Organic Kitchen Gardening For Urban Children

Children dwelling in the urban area are far isolated from farms. This activity makes children learn simple techniques of organic farming and beneficially they get to grow their own pesticide-free vegetables in their homes as well.

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