Forest Owlet Assessment – Status, Distribution and Conservation

Once thought to be extinct for 113 years until its rediscovery in 1997 in central India, Population status of Forest owlet (Heteroglaux blewitti ), one of the most endangered species in India, is unspecified and is inferred as declining. Recent record of forest owlets from the Dang Forest corroborates the presence of this species in Gujarat and has raised hope for its conservation. Current knowledge on distribution and total population estimates for this bird in Gujarat is unspecified which is essential for the preservation of this rare bird and its habitat.

Conservation of Indian Wolf

Once consider as the realm of Indian wolf: Kutch, now has dwindling population of this ancient lineages of wolf. Prime objective of this project is to identify the existing population, the threats that loom over their existence, and understand the conflicts with local communities. This study will significantly consolidate the conservation efforts in Kutch.

Crocodile/Mugger Conservation in Charotar

Charotar with so many wetlands boosts a fine population of mugger, which remained undocumented till now. VNC initiated this project to ensure a safe and long-term survival of this ancient species in Charotar. Surveys are carried out across the wetlands of Charotar to assess their status, distribution and threats. VNC also carries out awareness programs among the communities living near wetlands, while also providing training to the local youths and forest department staff for a better management of the crocodiles.

Developing solutions for Human Crocodile Conflicts

Of the 42 crocodile attacks reported in India in 2014, nearly 24 attacks occurred in Gujarat resulting in 12 human deaths, and the remaining severely injured/ permanently handicapped.As a result, negative attitude seems to have risen and probably has resulted in few incidents of retaliatory killing. We therefore feel the need to resolve immediate measures in order to minimize conflicts and to contain public resentment. This project attempts to understand the drivers of crocodile attack in a multivariate framework using spatial tools, as well as provide training and guidelines to the people involved in HCC management.

Finding Solutions for Man-Animal Conflict by Crocodile

To find out distribution of marsh crocodile (Crocodylus palustris) in Bharuch, Narmada and Surat districts. To assess extent of population of marsh crocodile in Bharuch, Narmada and Surat districts. To understand the basis of human-crocodile conflict. To raise awareness among local people living in areas where crocodiles occur for conservation and conflict avoidance. To help obtain information about co-existence and suggestions for prevention of possible conflicts.

Mapping of Roadside Trees – Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat

Trees in urban areas are essential. They clean the air, provide natural flood defences, mask noise, calm traffic and promote a general sense of wellbeing. This makes trees one of the most important armouries in urban living. But in due to lack of proper protection, we have seen that some trees go Missing overnight It is too late to trace the Culprits, some are damaged intentionally, all this reasons prompted us to map the Trees and give them identitiy. This map will be provided to Authorities for regulation & maintenance, Citizen science, for public participation. To be used for biannual monitoring. To determine future need. Diversity Check.

Understanding and Mitigating Crop Raiding of Indian Wild Ass

Farmers residing around Wild Ass Sanctuary in Gujarat are facing serious crop raiding from Indian Wild Ass and other ungulate species. Absence of any mitigation measures has increased negative attitudes among the farmers. This presents a threat to the survival of Indian wild Ass. Using field data (direct observations and interview surveys) and landscape/GIS analysis we plan to identify drivers and patterns of crop depredation, major conflict areas and prepare risk map in agro-pastoral landscapes of Little Rann of Kutch. This will assist the policy makers in making landscape –level conservation strategy and managing similar issues elsewhere in Gujarat.

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

This program exclusively caters to the need of rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals in human habitat. Animals which have strayed from wild are rehabilitated and wounded animals are rescued and taken care of.

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