Arachnids: Documentation of Spiders of Gujarat

In spite being ubiquitous a very important part of any ecosystem, Spiders have been the most neglected fauna compared to other species. This program aims to document the diversity and habitat of this amazing species and to obtain any additional pertinent information that could be of help in creating awareness about them and their conservation process.


Organized every year on the first Sunday of February with the motto of ‘Burn fat, not oil’, these marathon and cycling gets around 1500 participants. The motive behind this event is to spread environment awareness among the people and it veritably highlights the significance of exercise.

OOSM : Observational Outing on Sunday Mornings

It is an attempt to provide a break to the city dwellers from their ordinarily hectic daily lives. A manageable time period like half a day or so is taken out to visit a nearby area where natural flora and fauna can be observed.

Public Bio-Diversity Register

It is believed that PBR and formation of BMCs with proper management system will boost zeal and create confidence among local community to maintain ecological balance and sustainable green future for generations to come. We had formed 10 BMCs and prepared PBRs of 2 villages, we are expecting to prepare PBRs of 8 villages where BMCs are already formed and formation of BMCs in other villages of Vijaynagar taluka of Sabarkantha district.

REP : Reptile Education Program

This program aims to clear misconceptions associated with reptiles specifically snakes. Awareness programs, accompanied with live snake shows, underline the importance of snakes in an ecosystem for food chain maintenance and as rodent control in agriculture.

Save The Vultures Campaign

Vultures are the species which has seen drastic reduction in their population in last few decades. Awareness programs through Audio-Visual Mediums and distribution of awareness materials (Hand-outs and flyers) are being carried to make people aware of the plight of the vultures and the harmful effects of using Diclofenac on vultures.

Snakebite Mitigation Program

Around 14,00,000 people are bitten by snakes each year(bite to death ratio is 64:1). This means 126 people die every day due to snake-bites in India. Objective of this project is to educate people to avoid snakebite in Gujarat, India, and bring down the number of snakebites related deaths. Majority of these bites can be avoided with some basic precaution, education about proper first-aid and medical treatment. This can help bring down death rate, as too many people rely upon home remedies & witch craft, instead of going to hospital.

Tree Plantation

We promote plantation of trees in human habitats, we distribute saplings and facilitate plantation. We encourage people to plant native fruit bearing trees. We plant native fruiting trees in school compounds. At the end of all our functions we distribute free saplings of trees as memento to all present.

Walkability Survey of Anand & Vidyanagar

The objective of this project is to find out whether or not there exist pavements for the pedestrians and what could be the reason that deters the people from walking. It also tries to undermine the need to use a vehicle to reach a place that could be covered by a brisk walk.

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